Africa Total #54 (UBROOKLYN 3X3) is a basketball project by  Tito Toni, a Spanish Street Ball player who has travel many countries around the world.

Currently, Africa Total is about traveling the 54 African Countries in promoting sport, education, culture and art. It is also dubbed 54 Countries, 54 Cultures, 54 Emotions, 54 Sensations 54 Celebrations. Its motto is 1 Goal, The People!
The first part is 23 weeks, 23 countries in Africa from November 2016-April 2017.

Yesterday, Toni showed up unannounced and told us his basketball mission. We were glad to receive him and at once started to put things in place to make his coming fruitful.

We organized 3×3 basketball event was  with six teams from in and around Cape Coast participating. Including the University of Cape Coast.

The tournament also had other attractions like three points shoot out, and a dance competition.

We are happy that we were a part of such a unique project and it help us to also appreciate streetball.

You can follow Toni trip by visiting UBROOKLYN 3X3