We are glad to announce that we have purchased over 400 insecticide treated bed nets. We would like to take this time to thank the people of Japan especially Nigatti Sports for raising over two thousand dollars to purchase the nets. The net will be use for free distribution for our ongoing malaria prevention and [...]

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  • Apr 18 20112 item1 German Volunteer teaches ICT

    [caption id="attachment_574" align="alignleft" width="300"] Viktor during ICT training[/caption] Viktor is a volunteer on a six month service with Hoops Care. His placement is due to the current partnership between HCI and the DED, Germany. Viktor since his placement with us has been involve in various educational programs. He currently do instructional [...] Read more

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  • Mar 10 20113 item1 More In-kind Donations from Brett Cave

    [caption id="attachment_566" align="alignleft" width="300"] Some of the children with the donated YMCA strips.[/caption] Bret Cave visited Hoops Care from Atlanta, USA. On her visit she brought some donated basketball jerseys from the YMCA community in her city. She also donate five basketballs and about twenty water bottles. ON this visit she [...] Read more

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  • Feb 09 20114 item1 Extra Classes Going Strong

    [caption id="attachment_553" align="alignleft" width="300"] Some of the children during a class seaction[/caption] Since the commencement of extra classes for the children in the HCI program, we have not only seen an increase in the number of children who attend this thrice a week section but also an improvement in their curriculum. [...] Read more

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  • Jan 31 20115 item1 The Rights We Have As Humans

    [caption id="attachment_549" align="alignleft" width="300"] A girl ask question regarding human rights[/caption] Hoops Care has started to teach children in the Cape Coast areas on the right of Humans. The HR classes takes place twice a week on Coronation Street. The training video was donated to HCI by the Youth for Human Rights International. [...] Read more

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  • Aug 25 20106 item1 Brett Cave visits HCI

    An unexpected visit by Brett Cave of Atlanta, USA to HCI was another exciting time for the children. Although the children were expecting her visit  there was no preannounce time to. Therefore no one was expecting. The call came at about one hour to the start of the daily clinic. [...] Read more


  • Jun 19 20107 item1 HCI children performs at Peace and Love Concert

    Mbofra Nfa Adwen Foundation which is gear towards promoting peace and love organize a Peace and Love Concert concert in Cape Coast. The children of HCI were invited to partake in the occassion. Although it was a short notice, the children along with the help of some members of Mbofra [...] Read more


  • Oct 06 20098 item1 HCI gives out first scholarship

    As part of its initiative to help needy children secure sound education, Ajata Iddrisu is the first girl to benefit from the HCI Scholarship Fund. Ajata who lost her father middle of the year currently live with her mother who is unable to put her through senior secondary school although [...] Read more


  • Apr 08 20099 item1 HCI Completes Renovation of Basketball Court

     Many in the Cape Coast Municipality are over joy upon seeing the newly renovated basketball court located at Victoria Park. The court which was full of holes and was a hazard to kids playing on its surface is presently smooth and decent to look at. The court is presently  called [...] Read more

  • Feb 07 200910 item1 HCI Begins Computer Literacy Program for Children

    [gallery] HCI is taking further steps in educating children. This time partnering with EDEN Tech in Cape Coast to introduce the children to computer learning. EDEN Tech facility is being use for the program. In its introductory stage, 15 children has started the computer learning program and the number is expected [...] Read more

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Hoops Care International (HCI) is a non-governmental organization located in the community of Amanful in Cape Coast, Ghana. It officially began in 2008 as a program to empower youth in the community through sports. Since then, it has grown to include care and outreach surrounding health and education. HCI works closely with youth from twelve schools in Cape Coast, along with single mothers, teen mothers, and handicapped individuals. In addition to running regular activities and programs surrounding sports, health, and education, HCI also coordinates events to address important issues. HCI has made a significant impact with its programs already, and always looks for new ways to support and empower community members


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