A typical day

Hoops Care International’s main mission is to promote education and create opportunities for youth through sport programs.  Hoops Care International has been running after school sport clinics in Cape Coast for youth.  These clinics are held in Victoria Park where kids of all ages are encouraged to participate and be active.  The sports clinics are run by the Hoops Care Staff members and included activities in basketball, soccer and volleyball.  Throughout the clinic staff members organize scrimmages and drills for the kids.  Sports are a great opportunity for youth to become involved with other kids in their community as well as learn leadership skills, integrity and always being a team player.  Hoops Care International believes that the kids who are active on the court will also become more active in the classroom.

After P.E.

Hoops Care International has been partnering with many different schools located in the Cape Coast area.  Through these partnerships Hoops Care International is able to stress the importance of being active within school physical education (sport science) classes.  One of the main issues that Hoops Care International has been addressing is trying to increase the number of participants within these programs.  Sport programs teach kids how to share and work together as a team.  Sport programs also help with the development of leadership skills within the kids.

Through physical education the students are able to be active and will perform better on the court as well as in school.

Girls Basketball

 The main mission of Hoops Care International is to promote education and create opportunities for youth through sport programs.  With this being the main mission Hoops Care International has been addressing the issues of girl participate in sports.  Often girls are left out and not encouraged to be active in sports.  Hoops Care International tries to inspire girls to join in different sporting activities so they too are able to be active and have fun.  Along with this they will also learn great lessons and how to work together.


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Hoops Care International (HCI) is a non-governmental organization located in the community of Amanful in Cape Coast, Ghana. It officially began in 2008 as a program to empower youth in the community through sports. Since then, it has grown to include care and outreach surrounding health and education. HCI works closely with youth from twelve schools in Cape Coast, along with single mothers, teen mothers, and handicapped individuals. In addition to running regular activities and programs surrounding sports, health, and education, HCI also coordinates events to address important issues. HCI has made a significant impact with its programs already, and always looks for new ways to support and empower community members


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