Hoops Care Director shakes hand of ETS Team before match

Hoops Care Director shakes hands of ETS Team before match

Global Peace Games is an annual event that takes place at the grassroots level in communities in all parts of the world through the initiative of Play Soccer Nonprofit International. The United Nations Office of Sports for Development and Peace and FIFA supports the event with a special message of peace.

The event is organized from 21st September – 15th November with the aim of bringing together children and youth to express their support for peace, non vioence and global friendship through sports and to help them learn how through sports they can make the world a better place for all. They demonstrate the solidarity and commitment that sports can create among children, youth and communities.

In Cape Coast, the theme for this year is SAFEGUARDING PEACE, BEFORE AND AFTER ELECTION 2016

The event was held at the Oguaa  Football For Hope Center on Saturday the 29th of October 2016 which started at 6:45AM, targeting over 300 children and youth.

The event started with a procession through the principle streets of Cape Coast. On the event ground was reading of the manifesto for peace from the United Nations, FIFA and the pledge.

Participating organizations included Play Soccer Cape Coast and Takoradi, Cape Coast School For The Deaf and Hoops Care International.

Games included soccer, lime and spoon race, musical chairs, eating competition, dancing competition, sack race, draft, volleyball, hand wash race, and ludo.

Hoops Care participants, represented by our Education Through Soccer Project graced the occasion.


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