The mission of Hoops Care International is to provide opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills, healthy lifestyle, work ethic, commitment, honesty and integrity through sport. We believe that basketball teaches life lessons that can help people of all ages with success on and off the court. Hoops Care International believes in the effectiveness of positive role models, and is active in the fight against HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, drugs and alcohol abuse. Working hard towards goals as a team is an experience that HCI beneficiaries will carry with them for the rest of their lives. HCI activities are also a platform to address social issues such as religious tolerance, behavior and

Besides using basketball as a medium, HCI also seeks to improve the level on which the sport is played throughout the world by detecting and developing talent and continuously train basketball coaches and sports masters.

Through our work as described above, we see HCI causing a major effect in the lives of many children worldwide. By effecting the youth we will contribute in maximizing their potential to help them integrate and perform effectively in the society. We see that enthusiastic spirit in the basketball game will get attention and appreciation of children all around the globe. This will eventually lift the sport to a higher level.

Core Objectives

Generally the HCI objectives can be outlined as follows:

 To reach out to the youth with the message of awareness on
social issues, health and education using sports as a medium.

 To continuously promote basketball wherever possible, by
exposing the sport on multiple stages, targeting the youth.

 To detect and develop basketball talent among the youth
worldwide, in order to lift the sport to a higher level.

 To increase the availability of basketball resources and