HCI offers services in the following target groups.

 Basic schools
 High schools
 Shelters
 Community organizations
 Youth Development groups
 Children in poor communities

What do we do?
HCI visits these groups where we start with organizing an exciting and accessible basketball clinic to introduce the sport. HCI will provide with professionalism of personnel and material to make the visit a success. The clinic given to groups are carefully prepared to ensure a successful day. The duration of the clinic is 45 minutes to each group. The groups will be divided so that all children get attention and sufficient material is available.

Besides inspiring children we also seek to pass through our expertise of teaching and officiating basketball to sports masters and community workers. During the clinic we encourage involvement of the sports master or group leader. He or she is also be given a handout after the clinic. This way the sports master or group leader can proceed in what
HCI has started.

After the clinic a meeting is held to address social issues like outlined below, lead by a collaborating health and/or education expert. Together with the school the expert will work out an agenda for the meeting. Issues to be addressed are, but not limited to:

 Health
 Education
 Religious tolerance
 Social behavior
 Environment
 Pursuance of peace

In the area HCI visits, it will connect the groups that have been visited to organize more basketball sessions for those enthusiastic. After a period of time a regional basketball tournament organized by the groups within a certain area. Through our experience and network we will be an active factor in the organization of the tournament. With the tournaments HCI will seeks to awake a continuous interest and enthusiasm for the game in each area HCI visits. Once the tournament reaches its final phase, HCI will be present to award individual and collective achievements at our final presentation.



  • – Volunteers/Interns teaching at twelve partnering schools
  • – After-school classes and tutoring in our office
  • – Literacy improvement for children and adults in our office library
  • – Computer skills classes


  • – Daily after-school soccer and basketball activities for youth
  • – Physical education and team training at partnering schools
  • – Girl’s sports activities following “Girl’s, Girl’s Talk”
  • – Regular tournaments hosted and supported by HCI
  • – Wheelchair basketball league/training for physically challenged individuals


  • – Malaria prevention campaigns
  • – Installing of mosquito nets in homes paired with malaria prevention discussion Community:
  • – “Girl’s, Girl’s Talk” weekly for teen girls in Cape Coast to discuss issues such asHIV/AIDS, feminine hygiene, healthy relationships, first aid, etc.
  • – Frequent events to encourage healthy lifestyles as well as values such as peace and tolerance in the Amanful community (walk4peace, new mother’s workshop, etc.


  • HCI Young Mothers Entrepreneurial Training Program