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Baruch College is one of ten senior colleges of The City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban public university in the United State. Baruch College is one of ten senior colleges of The City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban public university in the United States.

The Skype section with the girls was organize by Solutions Across Borders (SAB). It is the humanitarian club of Baruch College that seeks to offer solutions to cross-border dilemmas through activism, volunteerism and awareness building.

Organizing this meeting did not come as easy from the get go. The first planned date was October 18th but that could not hold because of the availability for a hall to host the students during the video call. A new date was set but before that could come on, New York experienced the biggest storm in this our life time, Hurricane Sandy. School had to be close and the talk had to be postponed indefinitely until the students can return. The persistent spirit of Melody Mills, a past volunteer with Hoops Care who did three weeks of service at the beginning of this year did her best in setting yet another date and securing a room for the talk.

The day finally came with 19 girls in attendance and although the time difference was not an advantage for  the girls, as it will be late evening once the talk commenced, but they were eager as most of them had interacted with Melody when she volunteered in Ghana. They were all seated an hour before the talk.

We were finally able to connect to the Baruch students and they started by introducing themselves. The girls were excited when one of the male student introduce himself and asked if they could speak Twe, a local Ghanaian language, as he was from Ghana.

To start up, the girls were told to present questions, and they were ready. Question included; what is a family, what is a cordial relationship, what is a vertebra and others. The Baruch students took turn in answering these questions from the girls. After they also asked the girls what they hope to be when they grow up. Some of the girls were more interested in knowing how can they obtain athletic scholarships to further their college education when the time comes and if students in the USA go to free high school.

The highlight of the event was when the girls asked Melody to dance, knowing that she was their dance instructor when she was in Ghana. Melody and her group then danced to Gangnam Style but not before the girls showed them come of their Azonto dance moves.

Melody then took the girls through a video tour of the school and the girls were surprise to see many students all of a sudden dancing Azonto to a famous Ghanaian track.

In all it was a great video section and the girls since then keep asking when is the next one with Melody. Soon girls, soon. Sooner then you can think. And hopefully, with another school or college. If your school or college is interested to call into the Girls Girls Talk, kindly email us with/for a schedule.

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