The Hoops Care International office, located in Amanful, has developed a mini-library. Kids of all ages are encouraged to come and read books during their free time while the office is open.  Hoops Care International stresses the importance of reading for kids of all ages.  There are books for kids of all ages and at all different reading levels.


Hoops Care International encourages all kids to always be actively learning.  One thing that Hoops Care International does at the office is after school reading.  Kids are encouraged to come pick out books from our library and read to themselves, read to one another, or be read to by one of our staff members or one of our interns.  Reading helps to promote vocabulary, pronunciation of words and can also teach the kids valuable lessons.

After school homework help is another program that is offered by Hoops Care International.  Students who want help with their homework are encouraged to come to the office to gain help.  Kids who struggle with homework and/or they do not get one on one attention in school are able to come get their questions answered.  The students will be worked with one on one so they will be able to better understand all the different concepts in their homework.  Along with gaining help students who wish to be challenged in a specific subject can also come to tutored and challenged.

Children Reading Time

   Hoops Care International wishes to promote adult literacy. One program that we have been working on is tutoring adults in the community who wish to improve their English skills.  The students are taught to what level they are at.  Some of the items that are addressed in tutoring are writing, reading, math and pronunciation.  Writing consists of learning to spell words in English and forming sentences.  Reading consists of being able to read short passages in books.  Math consists of doing addition, subtraction along with being able to say and spell out all the numbers.  Pronunciation is worked on with the writing and reading and also the communication between the student and the teacher.  Through the promotion of adult literacy these individuals are able to expand their knowledge and gain more confidence in and outside of the classroom.


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Hoops Care International (HCI) is a non-governmental organization located in the community of Amanful in Cape Coast, Ghana. It officially began in 2008 as a program to empower youth in the community through sports. Since then, it has grown to include care and outreach surrounding health and education. HCI works closely with youth from twelve schools in Cape Coast, along with single mothers, teen mothers, and handicapped individuals. In addition to running regular activities and programs surrounding sports, health, and education, HCI also coordinates events to address important issues. HCI has made a significant impact with its programs already, and always looks for new ways to support and empower community members


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