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Jake Sullivan – President of Kingdom Hoops, visionary for Project: Ghana visited Cape Coast along with his wife to meet the children of Hoops Care International program. The visit which was highly anticipated by the children, saw a large crowd of them in attendance awaiting Jake and Janel. Upon their arrival, Jake and Janel met with Director of HCI to learn more about the ngo and its projects. They than left for the Cape Coast Castle briefly while things were put in motion for Jake to take the kids through some fundamental basketball drills. Upon their return 15 minutes later, the children and some junior players were taken through ball handling and foot work section. Although it was plan for an initial 30-40 mins, the mini clinic took a little over an hour as both Jake and the children were all enjoying the process. At the close of the day Jake talked to the kids about the importance of bettering their skills and informing them that they are the future of Ghana Basketball. He also told the junior players to help the children grow in the game by assisting them with the basic skills. Jake and Janel promised to work closely with HCI and the children of Ghana. At the end of the clinic a group photo was taken and thee children bid farewell to Jake and Janel. Long after they had left, the children were still on the court practicing the drills and playing pickup games among themselves. We strongly believe that the visit of Jake and Janel has greatly inspire the children and will go a long way in their life.

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Hoops Care International (HCI) is a non-governmental organization located in the community of Amanful in Cape Coast, Ghana. It officially began in 2008 as a program to empower youth in the community through sports. Since then, it has grown to include care and outreach surrounding health and education. HCI works closely with youth from twelve schools in Cape Coast, along with single mothers, teen mothers, and handicapped individuals. In addition to running regular activities and programs surrounding sports, health, and education, HCI also coordinates events to address important issues. HCI has made a significant impact with its programs already, and always looks for new ways to support and empower community members


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