One milestone in Hoops Care. The opening of a mini children library to serve the youth and children not only a part of our educational programs but also to serve the Amanful Community in Cape Coast. The books of the library was made possible through the kind courtesy of our partner, the African Child Charity Organization operating in Jachi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Over 200 books were given to start the pilot stage of the program. Crete Solang, a Norwegian made funding available for not only transporting the books to Cape Coast, but to also create shelves for the books. We are happy that so many people believe in our values and are contributing to see success in all that we do. One the first day the children flooded to the library and Crete interacted with them. We would like to thank both our partner, TACCO and Sis Crete for their good works.

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Hoops Care International (HCI) is a non-governmental organization located in the community of Amanful in Cape Coast, Ghana. It officially began in 2008 as a program to empower youth in the community through sports. Since then, it has grown to include care and outreach surrounding health and education. HCI works closely with youth from twelve schools in Cape Coast, along with single mothers, teen mothers, and handicapped individuals. In addition to running regular activities and programs surrounding sports, health, and education, HCI also coordinates events to address important issues. HCI has made a significant impact with its programs already, and always looks for new ways to support and empower community members


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